7 Scientific Examples Of When Yoga Is The Best Medicine.


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One of the greatest challenges of health care is how to bring yoga to those in greatest need yet unable to afford or access it. Bridging the gap are an increasing number of nonprofit yoga service organizations like Kula for Karma, which provides yoga in collaboration with hospitals at no cost to those most vulnerable.

I am deeply honored to serve on Kula’s Board of Directors and witness the good it does. We serve many populations, including children and adults with cancer, children with autism and other special needs, caregivers, military veterans coping with PTSD, victims of domestic violence, older adults with cognitive and medical impairments, and adolescents and adults in recovery from substance abuse and addiction.

While it may seem apparent, it’s important to do the research to support our intuitive senses that yoga can be of great value for all in need. To this end, I wanted to…

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New Quantum Theory Could Explain the Flow of Time.

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Cups of coffee cool, buildings crumble and stars fizzle out, physicists say, because of a strange quantum effect called “entanglement.” Photo:

Coffee cools, buildings crumble, eggs break and stars fizzle out in a universe that seems destined to degrade into a state of uniform drabness known as thermal equilibrium. The astronomer-philosopher Sir Arthur Eddington in 1927 cited the gradual dispersal of energy as evidence of an irreversible “arrow of time.”

But to the bafflement of generations of physicists, the arrow of time does not seem to follow from the underlying laws of physics, which work the same going forward in time as in reverse. By those laws, it seemed that if someone knew the paths of all the particles in the universe and flipped them around, energy would accumulate rather than disperse: Tepid coffee would spontaneously heat up, buildings would rise from their rubble and sunlight would slink back into…

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Rooftop Farming is Getting Off the Ground

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From vacant lots to vertical “pinkhouses,” urban farmers are scouring cities for spaces to grow food. But their options vary widely from place to place.

While farmers in post-industrial cities like Detroit and Cleveland are claiming unused land for cultivation, in New York and Chicago, land comes at a high premium. That’s why farmers there are increasingly eyeing spaces that they might not have to wrestle from developers: rooftops that are already green.

The green-roof movement has slowly been gaining momentum in recent years, and some cities have made them central to their sustainability plans. The city of Chicago, for instance, boasts that 359 roofs are now partially or fully covered with vegetation, which provides all kinds of environmental benefits — from reducing the buildings’ energy costs to cleaning the air to mitigating the urban heat island effect.


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Elizabeth Gilbert on Creativity


T.E.D. Talk on Creativity
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by Heather Harris Brady

Quite some time ago there was a SNL skit where Al Franken (as Stuart Smalley) had a regular affirmation: “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it people like me.”

I think as writers we all need to say that to ourselves at times because there’s no sugar-coating it, this writing thing is a hard slog! Here are two TED videos that might boost you up, should you need boosting at the moment :) If I had a WordPress.org account I could embed them, but since I don’t the links will open in a new window.


 TED Video One: Your Elusive Genius

TED Video Two: The Drive to Keep Creating


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How to Have Total Confidence in Any Stressful Situation.

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This article is from our friends at DailyWorth, a premier site on all things related to money, career, and entrepreneurship.
My sister was recently job-hunting and got a call back from a firm after she’d already accepted a position elsewhere. Still, she decided to go to the interview just for practice, and when the big day finally rolled around, she realized she felt completely different than she had in the past before an interview. Because there was nothing riding on the outcome, she wasn’t nervous at all. The upshot? She totally killed it.

She answered tough questions without skipping a beat—for instance, when the hiring manager remarked that she’d job-hopped, she confidently defended her career path instead of apologizing or making excuses. She also asked for more money than she otherwise would have, backing up her salary request with details about why she deserved more than the average candidate. The…

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