Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. ~Albert Einstein

Pink Iris Family
My garden is a favorite place of mine. I create, nurture and enjoy. I love the spring blooms and bright colors. The whole cycle is such a treat and I look forward to every new year and what it will bring. You never know what will come back and what will be new.

These particular pink Irises are an heirloom variety that came from my Mom’s house. She inherited them from a family that had land in this valley for years prior to us moving here. These flowers have been transplanted many times and their lineage lives on. It is my treat to capture and present their beauty to a wider audience and I hope you enjoy them.

This image is part of a new series of mine. I am enjoying making Watercolor paintings out of my photographs. They are a bit softer and more Impressionistic that other work that I have done so far. It is always fun for me to try something new and see what happens…..

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