The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing. Socrates

Zen Master

This image stared as a photograph. I was able to use the colors from this photograph of a glass object and paint with them. I love to use colors from glass to paint with. They are so bright and alive. I have been experimenting with glass images for about 6 months now and I just love them.

My inspiration comes from a row of glass art in my studio window. I lined it all up on a shelf and it glows in the afternoon sunlight. The colors will paint themselves onto my bare wall on the opposite side of the room. The shapes, and where they appear, vary depending on what angle the sun is coming in at. My imagination wanders as I enjoy the show.

This is why I collect glass. I love to put it in windows or other areas of illumination. There I can really enjoy it. The contours and the frozen liquid quality of each artwork. I love that glass is in a viscous form before it cools. There is magic involved in the creation of these pieces and they are a valued part of my home and my art.


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