Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies. ~Aristotle

Swans in Love

This painting is one of the first of my digital painting series. I am fascinated with color and this series was started as a result. I have some photographs that are just not ones that I can use right off of the camera. So what I do is use the colors from some of these photographs and I paint with them. I use the photoshop brushes and filters to extract the specific shades I want. Then I employ a Wacom tablet to “paint” with. This is much more natural than trying to paint with a mouse πŸ™‚ I can draw shapes and patterns and pictures with these incredible colors. I really enjoy the deep blue color contrasting with all of the other shades in the center.

I enjoy creating images that a person can get lost in. There are many shapes interacting here with so many bright colors. The area of blue is meant to be a soothing contrast with the intensity of the story. I can see a deep and connected love between these two. They are one but they are separate. Look carefully into the other small tales that are playing out in the scene as well. The larger story contains a smaller tableau.

Visit more of my paintings in my Digital Painting gallery.


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