The bird is the word as if you hadn’t already heard.


A bright red bird observes a blue-eyed glowing light. Where is this light coming from. Does anyone see the eye behind the eye. And to what degree does the other form play a role in this scene. When I look at this photograph, I am imagining a bird to be watching quietly as two friends have a conversation.

This photograph is a mystery to me. How is it that there can be so many stories and ideas that can play out in a light and airy space. I really enjoy the colors that are illuminated so softly and the shapes that emerge from the whole. This is a photograph taken during my Macro work with Glass art. This is one of many and I am always surprised at how many things I see in these photographs. I can come back to one that I took a while ago and see new color stories. Colors are telling me stories. My imagination runs wild every now and again…..


  1. There is no doubt that abstract can be a great stimulus to the imagination. We automatically look for recognisable shapes and experience a fascinating journey along the way. This is a very beautiful composition.


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