Come taste my Magic Mushroom. You know you want to…

Magic Mushroom

No, not an actual edible mushroom. I am talking about my abstract mushroom painting. I painted a Magic Mushroom sitting quietly on the forest floor waiting to be picked. It glows with anticipation and glee. If you really could eat it, imagine what it would taste like. Would the soft glow coming from behind it forever alter the taste of this fungus? Would that be better or worse. I am intrigued by the idea that this painting is a kind of Jack o Lantern abstract from another dimension. Can you imagine that there is a party going on on the other side of this screen? You can barely make out shapes and shades of colors that seem to glow and move. Oh that is right, a mushroom not a party. What was I thinking, or is this just the mushroom talking. After all we did just try to taste it…..

Visit my Digital Painting Gallery to see more of my work in this series.


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