Stoned stones or infinite wisdom from above?

Stoned StonesRocks in a mountain stream speak of infinite wisdom from above. I have forever been fascinated by rocks. I love the colors they have in them that are only really apparent when they are wet. Glorious rocks that have been shaped by elements we can only begin to understand. Each one of them has a story. They were created by an event and shaped by time.

I see so many various tales and experiences when I look at a rock. How did you get here and where will you end up. I could ask that question of each one I come across but I am content to just wonder and often wander as well. Over the course of many years I have lovingly carried rocks home to my garden. I place them in their new home and introduce them to their surroundings. Sometimes they come to rest against fruitful plants and other times they get to know a flower that will only be around for a short while. Some people say that spirits live in rocks. I am not sure if that is the case or not but I like to think that the wisdom I see in these inanimate objects is far reaching and deserves recognition for existence alone.

When I painted this picture I imagined all of the really brilliant colors that we don’t usually see when we look at rocks. These ones have been infused with magical dust and a cool mountain stream. The water that flows across the surface has color and character of its own that is waiting to be explored as well. All of nature has a story to tell. Each part is a a piece of the larger puzzle and we are explorers seeking to understand the mystery as we bask in the golden glow of our ever evolving existence. Can you see the hidden message in this painting. The one that is encouraging you to dig deeper and seek the visual pleasure that will surely accompany such an adventure.


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