What a Whale of a Tale. Or is it a Tail of a Whale?


I see a large whale rising out of the ocean. Searching the sky for any sign of other creatures and not so softly sinking back down into the waves. I see blue skies and choppy water. It is amazing to me how a photograph taken of a small section of glass can look like something completely different. A whale in the ocean for example….

I really enjoy taking abstract photographs and visualizing all sorts of stories. This is the way that I see the world. I try to find small realities inside of larger pictures. I enjoy trying to discover mysteries withing everyday things. Some people like it when I try to describe or write about my work and others are not so happy with me directing their thoughts in any one direction.

What do you see when you look at this photograph or has my description forever burned itself into your interpretation of my creation 😉


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