Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. ~Buddha

A Moment in Time

Capturing this moment in time and remembering the past. Along my biking trail is this old home. I stop and contemplate the history here. Someone planted trees and flowers long ago. Maybe a garden and children playing in the yard. Or was there time for that. Did the past owners of this home stop and enjoy their surroundings or were they too busy working the land and dreaming of better days?

Some things live on and endure the ravages of time. Others slowly crumble back into the earth from which they sprung. It is interesting to me that the home was built from trees and yet the trees are the ones that are still standing around the home that is crumbling. The stormy skies speak to the conditions which shape the land and the people. Country living is challenging in its own ways, and not all people who venture here remain for long.

I moved to the country to enjoy the scenic views and outdoor recreation. The irony of my choice became apparent when I realized that most of my time is spent preparing for the seasonal shifts and challenges and not getting out into nature and enjoying this beauty. I do steal moments and jump quickly onto my bike and feel the wind in my hair and the soft smells of the outdoors. As I ride down the road towards my favorite trail I smile to myself and savor the feeling of freedom and joy as I escape into my own little paradise and leave my chores behind for a little while….


    • I have some flowers in my garden that were carried here to this valley long ago by pioneer women 🙂 They are the hardiest species and are so beautiful. Lots of history here as well as gorgeous scenery. Thank you for your comments.


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