It is always wise to look ahead but difficult to look further than you can see. ~Winston Churchill

Observing the Future

There is a spot on the MVSTA trail system where a local glass blower has set up a sort of sculpture. I am fascinated by glass as it is and to have blue glass out in the sunshine is such a visual treat. I stop each time I see this and just admire the sun coming through the glass. This arm will move depending on how the wind is blowing and so it is never in the same spot when I ride by. At times I can see blue spots on the trail where the light is shining through.

I have my camera with me when I go outdoors and I am always intrigued by the many compositions just waiting to be discovered. Sometimes they are little snips of reality and at times I like the large and panoramic experience that is searching for me. This particular frame is reminiscent of a large glass eye or a the final cut for your vacation’s last day. The director yells “CUT” and it is time to go home. Take this one last little memory and tuck it away for a rainy day.

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