Look to the sky and what do you see….. Is there a correct answer for you or for me?

Angel in the SkyIn the beginning this image was a photograph that I took while my children were swimming in the local pool down in the park and I was wandering around with my camera.

I am fascinated by clouds., and as I often do, I looked to the sky for inspiration.  I could look at them for hours and hours watching the scene change as the winds blow them here and there. Depending on the weather and whether or not you are paying attention is what you will see. Some people have very active imaginations and soap operas play themselves out in vibrant delight. For others they are just puffy white things in the sky. To me they are ever evolving abstract works of art.

In this particular image I painted a cosmic scene of a loving mother. Sitting quietly observing her children at play. A book is held in her hand as she seeks to understand more about her world by absorbing the literature that has been written on the subject. Does she understand the realm that she inhabits or is it just a stopping point on the next leg of her journey. Either way she is never far from her children. She wouldn’t dream of being gone for a moment and is always there when needed.

My mother passed away on May 18th 2013 and for the last few years, I have missed her with an aching abandon that I don’t completely understand. Most of the time I am comforted by her presence in my life that has always been there. Many times I feel her gently advice and soft caress in the warmth of a breeze across my cheek. I feel her close and yet I am reminded that I won’t see her again in this place. Another time and another story have yet to be written and for now I know that at least there is another tale to be told.

Mommy and Me

Ellen Pamela Bannick

In my opinion love never dies. True, heartfelt and joyous emotion will never go away completely. It has a life of its own and those who  partake of its tender sweetness will carry the taste forever in their psyche. I will never forget the smile that graced her face when she was in the company of those she cared about. I never took that for granted and I will also never lose that memory. In this picture her love lives on in the clouds as she watched over us in the park.

In the end this photograph morphed into a painting that I crafted by hand on my computer with love in my heart as I remembered my Mom.

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