A Trio of Delicious Vertical Stimulation

Delicious ColorsScandalous SurprisesRainbow in a Bottle

I am not sure if anyone can guess, but I love colors. I am experimenting with these bold colors in a new series I am trying. This series is designed to be long and bright. I am setting the sizes the exact same for vertical and horizontal so that these pieces could be hung together in a variety of combinations. I am excited by the new-found vertical pleasures that I am invoking with bold colors, layers and textures. Long and narrow and filled with infinite bliss in the form of abstract brightness. Look for the small details that melt their way down the surface of the textures. You can almost see the paint dripping and drying in ecstasy as it caresses the canvas.

Do you taste a painting or a brightly colored artwork. I have had times where I am working with colors and certain shapes and I swear my mouth waters at times. My senses are triggered by this intensity of visual stimulation. Some people have commented on my bright abstract images that they see/taste bacon and candy. It is an interesting phenomenon that fascinates me.

I have worked with horizontal images mostly and some vertical images as I see them but never the long and lean images I am trying lately. I enjoy continuing to try new ideas and styles and these are my latest concoctions. Look for more in my “Vivacious Verticals” gallery.


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