Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee ~Muhammad Ali

Float Like A Butterfly

I imagine that it takes much less energy to float than it does to sting. Floating is like being supported by a cushion of pillows. Stinging would be, to me, an angry action. So how much more pleasant to float than to sting. However it is much more effective at times to sting than to float. If you are being attacked you might want to at least defend yourself.

I love the bright blue and wonderful contrasting colors of this butterfly. I captured it as it was resting on a beautiful flower. I imagine it to be floating softly on the surface of this flower either sipping nectar or finding another type of enjoyment. Maybe making a snack out of a garden pest or simply sipping dew from the inside of the petals. The sun is shining brightly on this warm spring day. The smell wafting on the breeze reminds me of a sweet caress. I enjoy all of the colors and creatures in gardens and I am often see wandering there. Always searching for that next moment in time to capture and share.


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