Happy 4th of July

Red and Blue Agates - Omaste Witkowski

Red white and blue are all such wonderful colors. Each has it’s bright and unique appeal and all of them are essential. I enjoy looking at each area on this photograph and letting my mind absorb the color contained within each shape. I am addicted to color and explore its offerings every chance I get.

I love red because it is life. Vivid and liquid and intense. I see red and I get excited. I feel my mouth water with the intensity and my breathing changes as I am intrigued by the amazing saturation of visual appeal. Red is love and it is anger and it is intensity. Passion and heartbreak and a sunset in the sky.

Blue is one of my favorite colors ever. I love the soothing cool sensation that my eyes absorb. I really enjoy painting blue areas into vivid scenes. The blue calms all of the other colors down and lets the viewer relax for a minute before they are drawn into the drama of the other areas. When it comes to photographs, blue is the cool sensation of a cool bit of water. Either in a river, lake or stream. It can also be the life giving atmosphere that surrounds us and that we look up to when we are searching the heavens.

White is a color, yes a color, that is amazing in its simplicity. What an irony. It is a simple color but a most complex color at the same time. According to Wikipedia “It is the color the human eye sees when it looks at light which contains all the wavelengths of the visible spectrum, at full brightness and without absorption.” It is all color and not just a color. How is that simple I ask? The answer is hidden inside the question and I guess you just have to look more closely to uncover what is really there.

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