Silence is a source of great strength. ~Lao Tzu


The title of this painting is Contemplation. I see a spirit sitting silently between worlds and exploring the lessons they have learned from both. Silent and serene or troubled and turbulent. I believe that this realm encounters both and that love ties it all together.

Sit for a minute if you will and search the screen to see if you can relate to any of my imaginings. Can you see the chaos and can you see the redemption, and/or do you see the knowledge that is slowly making its way into the rest of the emotional realm. Soon to be vaulted into another chance at making memories and a special place indeed. All of what we are is part of who we are and each second we live is adding to the tapestry of our existence. I don’t believe that we lose any of it and I think that the journey is a dream that we conjure as we go. I can get lost in this and find myself at the same time.


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