Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness. ~Allen Ginsberg

Moonlight Sprite

The title of this work is Moonlight Sprite

This is my first official black and white artwork. I am usually really drawn to color but for some reason this image was telling me it wanted to be presented this way. This magical dance of water in the moonlight.

Most parents tell their children not to throw rocks. I am slightly different in this way. I ask my son to throw rocks 🙂 Not at others (of course) but into the water. I stand with my camera and photograph the water and what it does as it is displaced from its original space. What elements capture the air and how do they fly. Each image I am recording is unique and mysterious. This one in particular was created at the time of the day when light is fading fast and enchantment is in the air. What a special time to share with a loved one in the creation of beauty and the exploration of wonder.


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