Butterflies and Art Projects. How MVSTA trails excite recreationalists daily and inspired me today…

Brilliant Butterfly Omaste Witkowski owFotoGrafik.com

Brilliant Butterfly

I found the most brilliant butterfly today. It is a perfect blend of orange and blue. Framed in daisies and painted with loving care. This wonderful creature came to me on a walk. It was floating gracefully across a landscape of clay and cement. Frozen in an abstract paradise. No longer will she fly to the sky alone for I have brought her home to find a new perch and to stay with me for a while.

I love to wander on trails with my camera and look for interesting images to bring home with me. This particular painting is based on an image that I encountered near the Foster Tawkes Suspension Bridge in Mazama. Along the MVSTA community trail is a series of Clay and Cement images. This was a local project done by the MVSTA and Washington State Arts Commission along with the Methow Valley Elementary School. A portion of the MVSTA trail system has a section above the Methow river that students, working with local artists, have adorned with cement and clay painted art. I had the inspiration to create paintings based on these sections.

Visit my Windows Into the Wild Gallery to see all of the individual art works from this series.


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