Blue is the color that I am in love with more than any other, and shades of blue are heaven on earth to me.

Shades of Blue Omaste Witkowski

Shades of Blue

Blue has been my favorite color for as long as I can remember. It has the quality of life, ironically enough, and for me it glows warm and bright. Ocean currents and brilliant skies are both colored to perfection by this wonderful light. Can you imagine a world without blue. Life would certainly not have the vivid tones brought into existence as they are now.

Blue glass has a special appeal to me and I have collected it for many years. Placed lovingly in a window, my collection of treasured objects glow silently in the afternoon sun. They are there to remind me to stop for a minute and absorb their detailed messages. Somewhat like pausing for a moment to smell a flower. It takes time to enjoy the smaller delights but in the end they are the memories you savor. A room illuminated with glass is a room full of magic and adventure. Just waiting and wanting someone to come along and enjoy it.

In the end I imagine I will see blue. The blue of a sky on a brilliant spring morning when all of the world is vivid and alive. My vision of this time is pleasant and I can only imagine that I will find joy to a degree I can only dream of now. Love is blue and light is blue. All of my wildest dreams are blue and it is a pool of the most refreshing water that I can just sink into.

I designed this image to be a part of an art panel series. There are 3 images that can be separate or combined.
Find the two others here:


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog. Your blog is a real treat to the eye: so glad I found it. Blue is my favourite colour ever as well, although green and purple also are highly in the list. Really like this sort of photography and I am quite sure I’ll be back here soon 🙂


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