Wandering white flowers and abstract fairy tale scene stealers. Catch them if you can imagine them.

Wandering White Flowers. Omaste Witkowski owFotoGrafik.com

Wandering White Flowers

Wandering in the woods you will find all sorts of interesting plants and animals. Depending on where you go is where you will end up and what you will see. Obviously most of this is apparent but some of it is lingering in the shadows and waiting for you to notice. Look closely and see all of the little details that your imagination may be searching for. The hidden meaning in all of nature.

I enjoy painting into this world many alternate options for adventurous spirits. There is the normal and everyday and then there is where my imagination takes me on a regular basis. I have a special interest in Macro photography and really enjoy finding scenes that are miniature in nature and expansive upon further exploration. What is really in the background and is so small that awareness is often unreachable. Do small things really seem large from another perspective. What I see is so often dependent on where I sitting.

I am not sure what type of flower and/or plant this is. I was drawn to the small circle of flowers and the soft afternoon light on the leaves. Imagining a crown for a fairy princess telling tales in her outdoor kingdom and loving the embrace of nature. Sometimes it is irrelevant what something is and most important is how it makes you feel.


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