Put on the hat and remember what you have given up in order to get to the next stop along your pathway.

Remembering Better Days Omaste Witkowski owFotoGrafik.com

Remembering Better Days

A lost hat on the trail becomes a monument to all those who have passed by and remembered. I have lost countless items on the trails and I have found countless more. I imagine that some little girl became tired and lost track of her sunhat. Not sure whether it was worth going back for it was abandoned and most likely forgotten by its owner. Each time I see this hat I remember the journey and all that I have lost along the way.

I am also amused by the various ornaments added by other travelers. What made one pick up the headpiece and another decorate it with various forest offerings. It is the sense of style we all share that makes us want to add beauty to forgotten items or is it our own sadness that we share when we remember what we also have lost? Do we add value to an item that was discarded by another due to the hope in all of us that others will want to protect that which we have abandoned in haste and remembered in pain. An inner yearning to make right that which is off kilter. Fix that which is broken. It is always easier to add a piece to a puzzle that you don’t have to finish than it is to reconstruct the whole and try to make it right again. Too much time passes and objects loved become objects replaced and the whole cycle starts again. Discarded dreams polished by time and worn by nature.

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