Stand on a riverbank and drink in the sensation of clean water and clear blue skies.

Methow River Log jam Omaste Wiktowski

Methow River Log Jam

A river is a fascinating and water filled pathway that winds down from the mountains and brings life giving nourishment to all along the way. The Methow River originates in the North Cascade Mountain range and is clear clean and beautiful. This particular stretch runs through Mazama Wa, and along the Methow Valley community trail. A high bluff allows a great view of this sparkling waterway.

The trees along the riverbank stretch out their roots and gratefully absorb the crisp drink of cool water. They patiently wait for the flow to come their way and are grateful when it does. These trees stand tall and proud as they clean our air and provide shade and cool comfort to adventure seekers and outdoor enthusiasts. Without the trees the riverbank would be a much less populated area.

The many beavers in the area take their turns harvesting and building with Pine and other varieties of this natural product. These animals build homes and are grateful for the blessings of the forest. Along the way some of these trees, felled by the beaver, are swept into the river. Others have fallen due to natural erosion processes as the banks are just not strong enough to hold all of them in place. When these logs are swept downriver they naturally get hung up on high spots in the river and when this happens we get log jams. One such group is shown here. Watch out for the beavers and the log jams. They can each be dangerous in their own right 🙂

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