No pessimist ever discovered the secret of the stars, or sailed to an uncharted land, or opened a new doorway for the human spirit. ~Helen Keller

Star Light Star Bright Omaste Witkowski

Star Light Star Bright I wish upon this abstract star tonight

Look to the stars and find inspiration. What is is in these celestial bodies that brings us such joy. Have you ever laid on the earth and looked at the stars on a warm summer night. They are all laid out in varying degrees of twinkling brightness. Magic and mystery are all around as we float by in our earthbound existence. When I look up at night my soul searches for all of the possible stories found hidden in the farthest reaches of the night sky.

This star is an abstract version of my evening explorations. Bright and bold is this vision of red and gold. Black and white are not far away when you really look closely and I imagine that if you got really close to our sun you would see something like this. Other stars might be less dramatic but I really enjoy abstract photography and painting and so my creation became my fantasy midnight journey.

My fantasy journeys are always brought about by an intense desire for discovery and joy. My soul yearns to explore and interpret beauty. I am forever searching for my next creation and tirelessly craving what will be revealed to me. The optimistic part of me believes that this is all a long road of creative processing and I also think that we are never “done” with this. I will paint and photograph all aspects of my existence for as long as my body is able. From the time I wake up, to the moment my eyes close, I am thinking of what I want to make next. Will it be an abstract portrait or a macro photograph. Can I find another way to paint a daisy or will I be lucky enough to capture the sunrise at the exact moment of total bliss. Either way I will start each new day with joy in my heart as I contemplate my next work in progress.


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