Falls Creek Footbridge, not for the faint of heart or the stumbling of spirits

Falls Creek Footbridge Omaste Wiktowski owFotoGrafik.com

Falls Creek Footbridge

In the Methow Valley there are many trails to explore and many adventures await. This trail involves a walk across a footbridge made from a fallen tree. This bridge is solid and stout but not for the faint of heart. My son ran across it with glee not noticing the rushing water beneath his feet. He was focused on the next great photograph around the bend from here. As you venture further along this winding pathway you will encounter a wonderful waterfall and scenic landscapes. Follow this trail and you will be enchanted by the many wonders of nature and your heart will grow with joy. One of many sites to explore in our wonderful neck of the woods and a great introduction to hiking and swimming.

After I observed this scene I ventured across the bridge and caught up with my little boy. We hiked for a while and encountered many more scenic treasures. What a great day and a special moment for us to share.

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  4. I drove out to Winthrop from Seattle (actually from my camp on Diablo Lake) with my bike, and rode up to the end of Falls Creek Road. It was a bit of work…! I had wondered what was beyond, but my bike isn’t made for trails, so I turned around. I’m glad to have seen your post!


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