Bees on the prowl and flowers wanting more attention. A delightful combination indeed

Flowering Bee Omaste Wiktowski

Flowering Bee

Bees are wonderful creatures that I love to capture with my flowers. This bee is so cute as he perches on the blooms and makes a meal of their sweet nectar. Small in size and so very important to nature and humans. Some bees are very dangerous and some are sweet and slow. Their role in our lives is dynamic and not entirely certain. I enjoy seeing them in my garden and out in the woods. I take care not to disturb them as they go about their business and at the same time I try to get a glimpse into their world as they go about their pollination rituals. Flying from flower to flower and plant to plant they are bringing about the survival of our species. My joy is to catch them unaware and share their beauty with all of you.


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