Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life. ~Buddha

Flaming Waters Omaste Witkowski owFotoGrafik.com

Flaming Waters

If I could set fire to a water fountain I imagine it would look like this….Flaming waters and a wild imagination brought this abstract painting to life. All of the heat and the curling flames are captured and absorbed into the digital realm that they are born into. A golden tapestry of heat and beauty.

Life is contained here and destruction is also present. One brings about the other in a frenzied fight for existence. Food is cooked and bodies are warmed by the same process that wood and other materials are consumed by. It is an interesting fact that one cannot exist without the other.

Have you ever looked deep into flames and wondered if they are actually alive? I often sit and gaze into our fireplace in the winter and imagine that I see all sorts of stories playing out. The fire itself seems living to me. It curls into the air and seems to flow upward much as water flows downward. So I see motion and wonder what the flames are reaching for. When I take photographs of fire I am looking to find a perfect instance of life. A capture of a hidden mystery that I will then be able to explore further.

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  1. what site and I can see why you get your ReBlogs. I also love the way you have it set up..I saw how many followers you have a had to laugh ….that is quite an honor to have that many…congratulations!! your work is lovely
    thank you for your support!!! I really appreciate it


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