Beavers in Love. Painted into an amorous world and bonded into eternity along a riverbank.

Will You Be My Beaver Omaste Witkowski

Will You Be My Beaver

These two fantasy creatures ooze affection for one another. They are gazing lovingly and touching softly. Over time the bright color of their bodies fades but the affection remains. Painted clay and hardened cement provide a solid background for them to live happily together as long as the elements support them. Over time as these images fade from view along the trail, they will live forever in the painted reality I created for them. Visit my beavers and feel the love as you enjoy the colors and circular motions. Or better yet visit the Methow Valley and see them for yourself.

I love to wander on trails with my camera and look for interesting images to bring home with me. This particular painting is based on an image that I encountered near the Foster Tawkes Suspension Bridge in Mazama. Along the MVSTA community trail is a series of Clay and Cement images. This was a local project done by the MVSTA and Washington State Arts Commission along with the Methow Valley Elementary School. A portion of the MVSTA trail system has a section above the Methow river that students, working with local artists, have adorned with cement and clay painted art. I had the inspiration to create paintings based on these sections.

Visit my Windows Into the Wild Gallery to see all of the individual art works from this series.


  1. CG Modeler Gerardo Vargas

    Excellent work. Do you work in traditional media too?

    Thank for visiting It is a pleasure to please!


    • Thank you very much. I did work with watercolor, oil and acrylic earlier in my career. I really enjoy digital now. I can get wild and creative with so many colors and textures on my computer with a Wacom tablet and digital brushes. When I am done I don’t have to clean up πŸ™‚


      • CG Modeler Gerardo Vargas

        The “I don’t have to clean up” is the best part. I use Pixelmator, Sketchbook Pro (on the iPad), ArtRage (both iPad and Mac) and when school demands it, Photoshop! I love photoshop, but it is too over built and expensive anymore. And Pixelmator kicks it behind any time! Happy pain’in’!


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