Kayaking at Howard Prairie Lake in Oregon, an adventurous treat for the whole family.

Kayaking on Howard Prairie Lake

My family and I had the pleasure of camping at the Howard Prairie Lake Resort, “The Best Southern Oregon RV Camping, Fishing, Sailing and Outdoor Living Since 1960″ with our extended families. This is an annual retreat for the Witkowski and Lambert clans and it is an event that we look forward to all year long. Kayaks and mountain bikes are standard fare and a certain sailboat is sure to make an appearance. Dogs and kids run and play as grown ups look on fondly. Sunburns and scraped knees are often unavoidable as we spend days in the sun having fun :-)

Who else out there in cyberspace loves kayaking? I wish I had more time to enjoy this awesome activity.


    • Thank you very much Sherri. It was fun to get up really early to catch the morning light on the lake. A time when most are sleeping and the day is fresh and new. My favorite time to photograph the outdoors.


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