Cross my buds and hope to blossom. I am hoping for a new chance at an old technique

crossing my buds Omaste Witkowski

Crossing my Buds

How many of you have seen garlic flowers? They make fantastic blooms and are very fascinating as they open and explode into wild blooms. The scent is what you would expect from a Garlic flower and not the trait most valued from this plant. However they are a treat to behold and very unique.

I cropped these two in my garden and brought them inside for a closer look. I am reminded of hope as I see the connection and the yearning here. Curling and twisting as they grow and stretch towards the sun. As they lengthen they will become more straight and less curving. This length is supported by a strong stalk and the result will be beneficial indeed. The trick is to trim the plant so that the bulb will grow large and nutrient rich. After they are trimmed you can eat them or look a them. Your choice šŸ™‚ This time I chose to look at them. They are spared for another day as I take the time to paint them into digital existence.

I grow garlic every year for my family’s consumption. This plant is so very healthy and good for our bodies. Packed full of vitamin c and other beneficial ingredients. Not always the best smelling veggie to eat but it more than makes up for it with the nutritional benefits. I plant the bulbs in the fall and harvest them in the summer. It is a planned process and one that I partake in lovingly each year as I dream of the goodness that will come from it.


  1. Am I the only person who loves the scent of garlic? I smell garlic and I’m instantly hungry. And I agree the flowers are lovely. I also love onion and chive blooms. Love the painting. Too bad it doesn’t have the scent of garlic. LOL.


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