Three blue birds perch in my imagination and decline to fly away. Frozen in time and captured in abstraction.

Blue Bird Group Omaste Witkowski

Blue Bird Group

This trio of blue birds was perching peacefully on my deck when the abstract version of this scene flew into my imagination. As I watched these birds I wondered what they were thinking. Standing frozen and waiting for my next more. I meant them no harm and so I quietly observed and then snuck off to paint a picture that would last longer than they were willing to stay. I love the brilliant colors and the careful stances.

We have a pair of bluebirds that likes to nest in trees around our garden. When they hatch babies in the spring these offspring stay in the nest. As they get older, and bolder, they venture forth and sometimes get caught off guard. These three will soon take flight and fly swiftly back to the nest and seek less exposure and more comfort. As they grow and fly freely they bring bright spots of color in the air and joy to my heart.


  1. Trade Routz

    This is possibly one of the most beautiful paintings I’ve ever ever seen. You are a pure genius! I tried to share this with Trade Routz Face Book, but it won’t ‘share’…!! ooops…so if you want to post it there, if it’s possible please do. I’m going to put your site on Trade Routz, and ask that you please put mine on yours? (if you don’t mind) if you do, no worries, I’m putting yours on mine anyway πŸ™‚


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