Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars. ~Khalil Gibran

Mysterious Lady or Enchanted Flower Omaste Witkowski owfotografik.com

Life is beautiful and life is painful. Within our everyday existence we experience a wide range of possible outcomes. Not all of them feel very good in the moment or later on. Some events are enough to shape the rest of our journey and others are forgotten quickly. I believe that everything we encounter adds to our lives and is in some way meaningful. Personally I have encountered immense pain and deep suffering over the course of many years. These experiences shaped me in many ways and I am grateful to be the person I am today. I would have rather not endured the trials I faced and yet I feel that in some way I wouldn’t be the same person if not for everything in my life. So I am grateful for it all I guess.

Pain can be like a spiritual master carver. A hand of god that sculpts our bodies and our beings. Cutting and slicing our vulnerable, soft, naive souls and making them into works of art. In my opinion, based on my experience, I feel more deeply and see more clearly all of life and not just what I want to see. I admire other individuals who have been exposed to tragedy and yet still laugh and see joy in the world. It takes strength and resilience to keep trying to find good even when you are aware of evil, and it is commendable indeed. Our lives shape us and our experiences mold us and in the end we are better able to live life with joy and beauty. If we had no knowledge of the dark would we fully appreciate the beauty of light or would we merely take it for granted, and if we never experienced pain would we wholly enjoy feeling love in all its splendor.


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