A mix of fantasy and reality bring about a cosmic collision of colors and shapes which closely resemble a flower.

Pretty Pink Pouting Pleasures Omaste Witkowski owFotoGrafik.com

Pretty Pink Pouting Pleasures.

A pink lily and it’s companions in the garden are awakened here in a soft abstract paradise. The sun is kissing petals lightly and caressing the gentle curves of the stamens. The flower is loving the attention and seeks to encounter more. We will leave them now and remember their vibrant beauty and soft shapes. All to be enjoyed again on another day.

What is it about circles and swirls that is so visually stimulating? I am asking myself this lately as I am painting. I have reached a point where I just love to paint circles and color them in. I like to turn the brush and see how the colors mix and then circle the brush and see how they take up space. The larger ones cozy up next to the smaller ones and protect and love them. The smaller ones dance across the painting in colorful glee, not to be tamed by their friends. The movement can be so intoxicating and I have a difficult time putting down my brush. I can get lost in the colors and shapes, lose track of time and enjoy every minute πŸ™‚



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