Painting from nature is not copying the object; it is realizing one’s sensations. ~Paul Cezanne

Red Red Abstract Sunflower

Wandering in a garden and drinking in all of the colors is an awesome way to spend a day. Coming home and painting the visions you captured can also be a way to share in natures bounty. I paint what I see and what I feel. As I am painting I can taste the color and smell the beauty. To me raw emotions live in vibrant shades of life. Everything we have is all that we need and within that we exist. Whether or not our gifts are recognized is up to us. Countless times I wonder if I will ever have enough time in a day to realize what has been put in front of me. Chasing images and attempting to put them to rest is a tiring task and yet a labor of love.

Imagination is, to me, a shine of light inside of my mind. I can see it out of the corner of my eye and yet it is never directly in front of me unless I am creating. Then I feel it tug and pull at me, just begging to be set free. I am a rider on a horse as I feel the wind of the ages blow through my soul and I ride the highs and lows of my creative animal. Light and form combine to produce a tangible product that I can see and feel. My artwork is born from a desire to make sense out of my emotions. I feel so many things and yet they don’t make sense to me until I express them some way that is visual. In my attempt to make sense of it all I chase the light and seek to rest my inner turbulence for at least a moment, and in the process I attempt to create beauty for myself and hopefully others.


  1. Do you know Omaste, when I first opened my email and this beautiful image I went OMG…stunning beautiful and I love have way of writing, me I miss words and I am sure have noticed..forgive me for that..its if you can read between the lines when you read something of
    getting to your beautiful flowers she is a pretty little girl..and I love it and words here are so beautiful and true, Ilove nature so much and it is such a part that has to be there…are you a gardener when you have time.?


    • Thank you very much Sherri, I really appreciate it. I write from my creative spot and I am flattered that you enjoy my writing 🙂 I do love gardening. I grow many flowers and some herbs and vegetables. We have an acre in the country and I am so very inspired by nature.


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