Why can the color white evoke luscious lingering sensations of brilliant beauty and entice me so very completely.

Pretty White Peony Mixed Media Painting Omaste Witkowski owFotoGrafik.com

Pretty White Peony

Peonies are another of my garden favorites. They come in a variety of colors and remind me of garden fireworks. The petals explode from the center in a bright burst of a bloom. Even the white ones have little areas of vivid light and color. They are large and beautiful and then they are gone. Leaving just a faded memory of their brilliance. Lucky for me I get the chance to paint them into another place and savor them for a while.Ā  I am remembering my garden once it is done with its pretty show and looking forward to next year when it starts all over again.


  1. Hi Omaste, I have to say Peonies are definetly my most favorite flower, I tried to grow them here in the desert..nope didn’t work me. I had so many when I lived in Chicago. Good weather for peonies, not so good for people..lol
    I love love the way you presented this beautiful flower..WONDERFUL!!!


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