Great art picks up where nature ends. ~Marc Chagall

A Yellow Rose Abstract Painting Omaste Witkowski

A Single Yellow Rose

I really enjoy images that are focused on a single subject and employ an interesting background. I like to focus on the details of the subject and explore all of the minute color changes and shades and variations. The object as a whole is beautiful and when you go deeper into it the parts are just as glorious. Each small bit of light and all of the associations with everything around it are contributing to the overall composition.

My fascination in life is rooted in our creator. I believe whatever is behind all of this is based in art and love. All of the beauty in our world goes so deep and yet so large at the same time. Have you ever looked really closely at any part of our world. Even bugs have incredible colors and very fine details about them. Flowers are a obvious source of beauty and yet the closer you look the more of a visual treat is presented to you. The very fabric of our existence is an artistic creation. My challenge in life is to focus on what I can see and imagine what I cannot. Let go of what is unpleasant and draw forth the comfort and compassion of the love and beauty surrounding my every day on this planet. If it brings me joy I try and share in the hope of spreading light and love. Maybe I can help to brighten your day just a bit 🙂

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