Faith is an oasis in the heart which will never be reached by the caravan of thinking. ~Khalil Gibran

Birds of a Color

Birds of a Color

One of my favorite photographs is this image. I am always drawn to color in my images and these are pure color. A photograph of light passing through glass. The vivid intensity of red, blue and yellow are bewitching to me. I am mesmerized by the glow coming from the screen. I spent about 4 months last winter photographing glass art on a Macro level and I was fascinated by all of the colors and shapes just waiting to be discovered. I eventually moved on and stopped taking photographs and now I get to look back and see what I created back in the cold winter months. I have a friend who is a glass artist, and it was a really fun way to explore some of his work.

Visit my Abstract Glass Creations gallery to see more of these Macro Photographs.


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