Wander over the mountains from Seattle and enjoy the great outdoors in the scenic Methow Valley.

Looking Down on the Town of Winthrop Wa 98862 Omaste Witkowski owFotoGrafik.com

Welcome to Winthrop Washington. A very small town with a Western theme, Winthrop is located in the beautiful Methow Valley and is home to many varieties of outdoor recreation, arts and the old west. Just 4 hours Northeast of Seattle but very different indeed. Come visit and enjoy the scenic beauty and outdoor recreation. This view of town is looking down from Sun Mountain Lodge.

http://www.winthropwashington.com/ “Take a step back into the Old West. Located on the North Cascades Scenic Byway in Washington’s magnificent Methow Valley, Winthrop is home to four dramatic seasons, funky festivals, classical music and superb dining. Stay in a romantic cabin, a charming cottage or an elegant resort. Get ready to enjoy sunshine, festivals, rivers, snow, trails, hiking, biking, and more!”


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