Solitude is painful when one is young, but delightful when one is more mature. ~Albert Einstein

Ancient Tree Reflecting the Sunrise

Ancient Tree Reflecting the Sunrise

A very long time ago this tree started its existence here on Earth. It grew tall and strong and absorbed the light and energy of the days it grew into. Over time the area that it grew in was transformed from a meadow into a lake. This tree was cut and water flooded over it’s remaining stump. As the water recedes and the new day begins, this ancient memory of a tree is reflecting its essence into the water surrounding it. I love the history that is reflected in the small ripples and displayed in a new beginning.


  1. The grooves in the stump call to my own withering body, and I bow to the lessons it teaches me. Truly a holy image, Omaste. Thank you. And thank you for following SWB. I will meet you there in the spaces between the words.


  2. Lovely work, awe-inspiring photo and I love the Einstein quote — I hadn’t heard that one until I visited your blog. I also enjoyed your post about and quote from Plato about music. Thank you!


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