Water is the driving force of all nature. ~Leonardo da Vinci

Soft Abstract Circles

Soft Abstract Circles

I really love the movement in this painting and it reminds me of water flowing. The soft gentle waves that are rolling slowly across the canvas. The wide range of blue and the bold red and gold are imagining all of the colors of nature. Red and Blue are soothing here and I can almost hear the sound of a river or an ocean. Soft whispers of small spirits living in the liquid space that they call home. Fighting madly to stay in place and then letting go with a sigh of relief as they tumble on to another destination. This cycle is repeated and also retold over time.

It fascinates me that water is made up of elements that are constantly moving and changing. They don’t leave the planet and yet they are never the same as they move. Is the water flowing by me in the river ever going to come back. Any of these little drops can return at some point in the future to this exact place but will they. And would they actually be the exact same or altered forever. A funny thought on a Sunday morning πŸ™‚


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