In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous. ~Aristotle

Milkweed Loving a Mountain Stream Abstract Flower Painting

Milkweed Loving A Mountain Stream Abstract
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I was taking a bike ride with my son on one of my favorite trails and we came across this wonderful flower growing peacefully by the side of a mountain stream. I always carry my camera with me when I venture into the outdoors and this day was no exception. I was captivated by this beautiful plant and took a picture to remember it with. I re-visited this image lately and decided to paint it. I love the colors and the wonderful details on the leaves and in the water. I am hoping that i have conveyed this vivid splendor here πŸ™‚

“Common Milkweed is an important plant because so many species of insects depend on it. Monarch Butterflies, Milkwee Bugs, and Milkweed Leaf Beetles only eat milkweed, and could not survive without it. Many other species of insects use milkweed as their primary food source, or as a major food source.” For more on Milkweed visit:


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