50 Shades of Grey and every one of them enticing…….. Are you curious to learn more?

50 Shades of Grey Abstract Black and White Painting

50 Shades of Grey Abstract Black and White Painting
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Ok so it is not the book and only a little bit sexy 😉 However there are so many shades of grey here I just had to make the connection. I am fascinated by colors and I am also fascinated by the fact that each color exists on a spectrum that is bordered by black and white. There are truly so many shades it is unbelievable. When you create with B&W digitally you are adding or removing color from the original image. So I painted this in color originally with many shades of many colors. Then I went back and adjusted the colors to remove or add to them. This creates a digital black and white. So I am intrigued by the idea that colorless images are actually many shades of many colors. So vivid and colorful even in dark and light……..

What do you see when you look at this image. I love mystery and exploring with shapes and colors. I like to invite the viewer to take a journey into their imagination and see what they find there 🙂


  1. How beautiful Omaste, I wanted to put my favorite artists on my page in away like yours..so I really would like to put a picture of yours on ther and link to what ever you would like..facebook and you website..if you would like will you send me a picture and links sherrilove11@gmail.com / on my other blot artimpressions I use to feature about 3 artists aweek and it took me hours and I just don’t have that kind of time anymore..so I just thought links and one painting or photography..


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