Passion for Pinups

PASSION FOR PINUPSSo here is an interesting request that came to me a couple of weeks ago. To be a judge in a pinup art contest. At first I thought that it wouldn’t be something I would be interested in but I do really like the lady that is running this contest, Cindy Nunn, and I really enjoy her work. So I looked at the outline closely and realized that it could be kind of fun. So I agreed to be a judge and I am learning more about this art and having fun in the process. Learn more about the other Judges here

BEFORE entering this contest, please go to the following website to read ALL of the rules, become acquainted with who the judges are, and to learn about our sponsors. Passion for Pinups Contest

Contest Outline and Details : Join the Contest and/or Learn More Here

The focus of this contest is on classic and contemporary pinup art. The main components of this art style are Clothes, Pose and Expression. It is more about the “tease” and has nothing to do with close-ups of gynecological parts or pornography. The models tend to have that “girl next door” look, with a sultry, promising expression or a look of surprise at suddenly being caught in a state of minor exposure.

The criteria and rules for this contest are very particular and concise. We have included two judges who are recognized experts in the genres of classic and contemporary pinup.

This contest is sponsored by Andre of The Pinup Files and Sean Earley of Digital Pinup Magazine, with the following prizes offered:

Digital Pinup Magazine: The 1st Place winner will be featured in Digital Pinup Magazine. 2nd & 3rd Place winners will be given an Honorable Mention.

The Pinup Files: The 1st Place winner will be given a write-up on the Pinup Extra blog, as well as a blast to over 40,000 followers of The Pinup Files via their Twitter and Facebook pages.

1.) The image must be of an adult woman. Absolutely NO men, infants, children, teenagers, dogs, cats, penguins, trees, abstracts, etc… I think this rule is as clear as it gets.

2.) The image must contain a WHOLE woman, from head to toe. No portraits/headshots, torsos, legs, arms, gynecological examinations, etc… If in doubt, go back to the above website links and take another look through the pinup art.

3.) The image must contain the standard elements of pinup art… Clothes, Pose and Expression.

4.) Art mediums accepted: Traditional, Photographic, Digital

5.) No attempts to bribe the judges! As tempting as they would be to one judge in particular, even offerings of Twinkies and chocolate milk will not sway votes!

6.) Judges will NOT be permitted to enter the contest.

7.) Submissions which do NOT follow the criteria and rules WILL be removed!

8.) You may enter up to 3 submissions.


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