The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude. ~Friedrich Nietzsche

Pink Iris as a Burst of Color Flower Abstract Art

Pink Iris as a Burst of Color Flower Abstract Art
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I am grateful every day for the beauty and glory of nature. The wonderful compositions and unbelievable colors surround our daily lives and without color the world would be a very dark place. Spring brings light and fall brings closure. Winter is for resting and summer is for playing. LOL not quite but it sounds really cool. Have a great day


  1. I love your imaginative work, examples of the words original and unique. I also love the quote of Mother Theresa. I lived in her anecdotal shoes for tree hours when I was a kid, and it is only now,this very minute, that I realize that that’s when I “Came alive” Seeing children my age who had never stood up,some blind, others half blind and palsy prone clinging to the daily miracle of nurses who supplied their every need,literally was an awesome experience that to this day reminds me of what your other posted quotes try to impart. Not one of tose kids cried while I was there,but some of their Angelic nurses did ,as the bed ridden wriggled with glee and those who could stand up clapped and jumped up and down in their cribs in ecstacy listening to a live band play Christmas music. Your soul is the soul of those nurses. Sometimes that’s what a simple blog does to a person. Thanks for the eye opener.

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