Art is a harmony parallel with nature. ~Paul Cezanne

Red and Yellow Bloom in a Blue Paradise Omaste Witkowski

Red and Yellow Bloom in a Blue Paradise

I am in love with Nature itself. Fascinated by the shapes and colors that God has created. I do believe in creation and I do believe in science. I believe that God created science and everything else. Here is the tricky part though. I don’t think that God exists as One Specific creature or being. I believe that we are all god, and that each of us is a part of what created us. A child to a parent and then a parent back to a child. And on and on. So be kind to others and appreciate all that we are collectively, and all that we have the potential to become. No one is completely removed from the rest of the world. We are creating our reality as we live and the collective reality is what we are a part of. Our actions determine our future and we are all heavily invested in our own success and that of the people around us.

I am making these statements based on my own experiences and beliefs, and I apologize if I offend anyone. I just feel so very connected to nature when I create art and it makes me see the world this way. I am contstantly discovering beauty in such small places and realizing that it extends out in larger ways if we let it into our lives. Open your inner soul to the channel of hope that is extended to us through nature. Given as gifts to brighten our days and remind us of what we always have to look forward to. I hope that you all have a beautiful and peaceful Sunday and that it is filled with light an warmth.
Red and Yellow Bloom in a Blue Paradise Omaste Witkowski


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