Excuse me while I kiss the sky. ~Jimi Hendrix

Hot Air Balloon in a Cloudy Sky Abstract Photograph Omaste Witkowski owFotoGrafik.com

Hot Air Balloon in a Cloudy Sky Abstract Photograph
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I can only imagine what goes through someones mind when they are up there in the sky held aloft by a hot air balloon. What it must look like and how much adrenaline would be pumping through your veins. The rush of wind in your hair and the frigid kiss of cold on your cheeks. There must be something to it because I see many people venture up into the crisp morning many times a year. Each time I admire the colors and smile. I am happy for anyone who embarks on an adventure and I always look forward to my next as well.


  1. You should go! I’ve been twice ..in spite of my fear of heights. It is awe inspiring and blissful. Guess what….no wind through your hair. You are moving in the wind…not through it. The only down side… each time I went I left with the desperate desire to want to get my pilots license and buy my own balloon!


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