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Flying Fantasies of Light Abstract Painting

Flying Fantasies of Light Abstract Painting
Buy a high-quality print here & Buy the actual Dragonfly Wall Art Light here

My Flying Fantasies of Light was inspired by a Dragon Fly Wall Art tea light holder. Made from upcycled metal. The lighting is really soft, and beautiful. I fell in love with this little guy the first time I saw him on the Trade Routz livingStyle website and was really excited to paint him into another realm of art.

owFotoGrafik has partnered with Trade Routz livingStyle on an interesting new adventure. We are using various decorative art pieces as inspirations for original paintings. These artworks and the paintings that are inspired by them are both for sale.
You can purchase the art piece on the TradeRoutz livingStyle website and the painting here. We are both excited to be working together to create this synergy of art designed to bring comfort and beauty to your home.

“From camel caravans to modern containers.
TradeRoutz livingStyle follows the steps of Merchants from ancient times.
Exotic, practical and beautiful, still always with style for the way you want to live.
Bring eclectic products of the World into your home through your own TradeRoutz, and decorate with flair.”


  1. Trade Routz

    Omaste, your painting is nothing short of superb, outstanding and truly insanely gorgeous. What to say but WOW!! Love working with you, a kindred spirit x x


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