Nobody can bring you peace but yourself. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Bright Budding and Golden Abstract Flower Painting

I really enjoy this quote by Mr Emerson. I agree with him completely. I have struggled for years to find peace in external situations and circumstances and it is only lately that I have found some inner peace for myself. I am now realizing just how much I actually have control over the larger emotional picture and dynamic that contains me. Not any actual control over anything really except my thoughts and feelings. I can control those and it is very important for me to do so. Too many times in my life did I allow myself to be swept away by circumstances and really regret doing so. This is not to be confused with joyous expressions of energy but more with reckless disregard for the consequences of my actions 🙂 Live and learn is exactly what I do and hopefully each day brings me closer to my full understanding of how my life is best spent living. Internal peace is my goal and hopefully my road map for the rest of my days.



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