Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. ~Confucius

Vibrant Fall Colors an Abstract PaintingBuy PrintsblogDark

Vibrant Fall Colors Abstract Painting

I love all of the complication in this image. It is vibrant and alive and yet relaxed and welcoming at the same time. My painting speaks to the unknown element of surprise in our lives and makes time to examine it. The fall colors are an indicator of the need for rest and the abstract nature is enough to really make you think. I hope that you enjoy this image and are able to find the hidden joys contained here.

My Vibrant Fall Colors Painting was inspired by a Trade Routz glass vase.
“Our dazzling, delightful heartshaped glass vase, handblown glass vase created by by world renknown artist GUIDO VAN BESOUW, is open to interpretation. The uses for this glorious creationed vase by Guido are numerous. Use this glass vase as a dazzling ornament in your living room. Use this glass vase as a designer paperweight!  This is the beauty of this Vase. Trade Routz chose it, due to it’s rare, exclusive design, giving you, our valued customer, the choice of making this sizzling glass Vase into a feature of your own imagination. Each piece of glassware is numbered and signed by GUIDO VAN BESOUW.
Height: 115mm, Width: 95mm, Breadth: 50mm
Weight: 466 grams”
Purchase this glass vase here

owFotoGrafik has partnered with Trade Routz livingStyle on an interesting new adventure. We are using various decorative art pieces as inspirations for original paintings. These artworks and the paintings that are inspired by them are both for sale.
You can purchase the art piece on the TradeRoutz livingStyle website and the painting here. We are both excited to be working together to create this synergy of art designed to bring comfort and beauty to your home.
“From camel caravans to modern containers.
TradeRoutz livingStyle follows the steps of Merchants from ancient times.
Exotic, practical and beautiful, still always with style for the way you want to live.
Bring eclectic products of the World into your home through your own TradeRoutz, and decorate with flair.”


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