Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact. ~William James

Enchanting Flames by Omaste WitkowskiBuy PrintsblogDark

Enchanting Flames

Last winter I became fascinated with glass artwork of all shapes, colors and sizes. I was able to capture more than 5,000 individual photographs of these beautiful creations. From these I processed some as photographs and I used others as the basis for original paintings. I think it is the colors that really captivated me. They are just so alive and vibrant. I spent hours mastering the light in the room and throughout the artwork. Each hand-blown glass piece has a unique spirit and each absorbed and reflected light differently.

I love this painting because it reminds me of fire and life. The flames licking and bathing the world with light and color. I see so much passion and warmth. It is difficult at times to remember the light when we are surrounded by dark but it is well worth the effort when we succeed in driving back the emptiness. On a cold winter day I found the inspiration to discover joy in the smallest places and bring it to the rest of my life.





  1. Good Morning Omaste, well I think it is already afternoon there, so have a great day…I do enjoy your wonderful art Omaste it is vibrant, and always so lovely.. so happy we are back in touch.
    I sure love the way you have your blog set up.. awesome


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