Warning: Your Walls Are About To Become Bored

Omaste Witkowski owFotoGrafik.comBuy PrintsblogDark

Heaven Conquers Hell an Abstract Adventure

Boring wall syndrome is a very real affliction and the prudent decorator will take pains to avoid this unpleasant condition. My painting above will be the perfect medicine as it brings an adventure into your home. Come away with me to an exciting land that is available for interpretation. Boring is not a term that exists here and if you want to rediscover light into a dark place then order a print today and see for yourself the joy that it comes packaged with.

As I was painting this picture I was taken away myself. The colors here are intoxicating to my senses and I really got carried away to another place. I see light and joy conquering pain and hurt expressed in red tones. So this painting is an adventure and such a victory at the same time. A story that has a painful plot and a happy ending. Given the right condition the powerful forces of healing will be enough to bring an innocence back to the world that is sorely needed. Innocence and clarity dissolve the other colors. In a loving manner that invites a way back to where we started and yet a full blown lesson in love and loss that hasn’t even happened yet. So we get to start over here and rediscover joy in the places that had lost it. Love conquers all in the same way that Heaven will always conquer Hell. Peace be with all of you today and forever. Thank you for reading and sharing my work with me.


  1. Kaufman's Kavalkade

    I see Steve Boylan Knievel jumping the Snake Canyon, but I’m kinda weird like that. (center middle two wheels in a wheelie, steams of motion behind) over the blue green water! Awesome!


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