You Are The Music While The Music Lasts. ~T. S. Eliot

Music in My Soul an Abstract Painting

Buy PrintsblogDarkMusic In My Soul Abstract Painting

When I feel happy my heart sings. My entire being is filled with light and emotional sounds. Vibrations are tied into the deepest realms and reaches of my soul and when I am in tune with what is right then I hear the most beautiful chords played. Stories are told and secrets are revealed as Ienjoy this magical journey into the other worlds I know that I come from. I also believe that Art is a vital part of God. I seek to share the ultimate revelation when I channel the vision of home I that remember. Is heaven a place or is it something we carry with us every day? A faint memory of our happiest time. A whisper of the ultimate comfort. The very foundation and bedrock of our existence. What else keeps us going but the promise of happiness. When we open our mouths to sing of ourselves we also open a channel into our essence. What comes through is who we are and what we are. I believe that music is conceived in the soul and born into the arts. Here to be shared and treasured by all of those who can hear.


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